Annual Handpan Festival Around the World

Annual Handpan Festival Around the World

Good Music is said to be the food of soul, so every year there are many music oriented gatherings around the world so that people can get together and share their passions for it. Well, handpan is not an exception and there are some dedicated festivals which you can always attend and connect with the raising enthusiast of this magical instrument, enjoy the vibe and take part in the workshops (if included). Every year, around the world, there are many festivals that are held by Handpan communities, below is a list we gathered hoping you get familiar with some of them and attend when you got a chance.

2. Portugal Handpan Festival


Portugal handpan festival is an annual festival which take place in Lisbon, Portugal, every year so many artists such as kabecao and other professional handpan players and enthusiasms gather together in Lisbon to make this festival more interesting. Beside the shows and concerts there are many workshops in this festival too.

4. Ding in Balance


China will celebrate its first handpan and world music festival. We have chosen a beautiful place for this festival, Dali City Yunnan Province, located in the south of China. It has a pleasant climate, moderate temperatures, and beautiful scenery. It is also an ancient city with a long history. We have invited a number of handpan and world music artists to the festival. We believe that the multiple workshops and concerts with a strong line-up will be surely worthwhile and definitely benefit the audience.

5. HONA (Hang Out Naxos)


HONA is a music festival of the Hangout Gathering series that takes place on the beautiful island of Naxos in Greece.
It is a calling of musicians from all over the world who share the same spirit of expression, through this special instrument called handpan. A coming together of sound explorers who wish to share their love and create beautiful auditory landscapes that bypass the rational mind and go straight to the heart.
In this four-day celebration a wide number of workshops will take place spanning from Yoga, Dance and TaiJi to Instrument and Macrame making as well as Handpan playing classes for all levels, Sound healing meditation and more.


Czech Republic

this festival is one the kind, many artists take a part in this festival and make a great experience for attendance. Beside music and joy, you can go to some discos and other location in Czech Republic. This festival has a different stage for different tastes.

7. Tokyo Handpan Festival


“Tokyo HandPan Lab. (THL) is an organization that creates the Japanese handpan scene and movement.
High-quality information dissemination and events in Japan and abroad specializing in handpan, organizing festivals, andvarious contents give new color and inspiration to people’s lifestyles, encourage action, and look
overseas in Japan It is operated for the purpose of establishing and developing the handpan scene in Japan and improving its social status.” UK

United Kingdom

HangOut UK is a weekend festival for people passionate about Handpans from across the world to come together. Whether you’re a beginner who has never touched a Handpan before or a seasoned performer seeking out new techniques, then HangOut is the place to be.
During the weekend various performances and workshops will be available in the Barn and Cafe Chameleon. Throughout the whole venue you will stumble across many small jam sessions around the campsite fires or even in the Chicken Shed kitchen.

10. Hug Festival


The HUG meeting is a wonderful human togetherness, the main purpose of which – as the name suggests – is a great hug, an embracing connection between the lovers of handpan, nature, and ourselves.
The HUG handpan gathering and lifestyle camp will be organized for the third time by the team of MAG Instruments (the first Hungarian handpan making workshop) and the ToSoDa Project (discovered by the Szimpla Lemming Program). The date of the meeting is again at the end of the summer, due to the coronavirus epidemic, between August 10 and 14 for five days.


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