Annual Handpan Festival Around the World

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Annual Handpan Festival Around the World

Annual Handpan Festival Around the World

Good Music is said to be the food of soul, so every year there are many music oriented gatherings around the world so that people can get together and share their passions for it. Well, handpan is not an exception and there are some dedicated festivals which you can always attend and connect with the raising enthusiast of this magical instrument, enjoy the vibe and take part in the workshops (if included). Every year, around the world, there are many festivals that are held by Handpan communities, below is a list we gathered hoping you get familiar with some of them and attend when you got a chance.

2. Portugal Handpan Festival


Portugal handpan festival is an annual festival which take place in Lisbon, Portugal, every year so many artists such as kabecao and other professional handpan players and enthusiasms gather together in Lisbon to make this festival more interesting. Beside the shows and concerts there are many workshops in this festival too.

4. Ding in Balance


China will celebrate its first handpan and world music festival. We have chosen a beautiful place for this festival, Dali City Yunnan Province, located in the south of China. It has a pleasant climate, moderate temperatures, and beautiful scenery. It is also an ancient city with a long history. We have invited a number of handpan and world music artists to the festival. We believe that the multiple workshops and concerts with a strong line-up will be surely worthwhile and definitely benefit the audience.

5. HONA (Hang Out Naxos)


HONA is a music festival of the Hangout Gathering series that takes place on the beautiful island of Naxos in Greece.
It is a calling of musicians from all over the world who share the same spirit of expression, through this special instrument called handpan. A coming together of sound explorers who wish to share their love and create beautiful auditory landscapes that bypass the rational mind and go straight to the heart.
In this four-day celebration a wide number of workshops will take place spanning from Yoga, Dance and TaiJi to Instrument and Macrame making as well as Handpan playing classes for all levels, Sound healing meditation and more.


Czech Republic

this festival is one the kind, many artists take a part in this festival and make a great experience for attendance. Beside music and joy, you can go to some discos and other location in Czech Republic. This festival has a different stage for different tastes.

7. Tokyo Handpan Festival


“Tokyo HandPan Lab. (THL) is an organization that creates the Japanese handpan scene and movement.
High-quality information dissemination and events in Japan and abroad specializing in handpan, organizing festivals, andvarious contents give new color and inspiration to people’s lifestyles, encourage action, and look
overseas in Japan It is operated for the purpose of establishing and developing the handpan scene in Japan and improving its social status.” UK

United Kingdom

HangOut UK is a weekend festival for people passionate about Handpans from across the world to come together. Whether you’re a beginner who has never touched a Handpan before or a seasoned performer seeking out new techniques, then HangOut is the place to be.
During the weekend various performances and workshops will be available in the Barn and Cafe Chameleon. Throughout the whole venue you will stumble across many small jam sessions around the campsite fires or even in the Chicken Shed kitchen.

10. Hug Festival


The HUG meeting is a wonderful human togetherness, the main purpose of which – as the name suggests – is a great hug, an embracing connection between the lovers of handpan, nature, and ourselves.
The HUG handpan gathering and lifestyle camp will be organized for the third time by the team of MAG Instruments (the first Hungarian handpan making workshop) and the ToSoDa Project (discovered by the Szimpla Lemming Program). The date of the meeting is again at the end of the summer, due to the coronavirus epidemic, between August 10 and 14 for five days.


Top 10 handpan playlist/Album for handpan enthusiasms on Music stream Platforms

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Top 10 handpan playlist/Album for handpan enthusiasms on Music stream Platforms

Top 10 handpan playlist/Album for handpan enthusiasms on Music stream Platforms

practice handpan

1.Handpan Chillout

Artist/Provider: Luccas Martins

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,19min / 20 songs

 handpan hangdrum sleep music chill out tunes calm songs

2.Positive Energy

Artist/Provider: Alex Dav

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,35min /7 songs

handpan based music with energetic rhythm by verified Spotify artist Alex Dav

3.Luminous Emptiness

Artist/Provider: Hang Massive

Duration/Tracks: 56min / 7 songs

An album with 7 tracks for handpan enthusiasm, by hand massive team

4.Touching Soul

Artist/Provider: Kabecao

Duration/Tracks: 2hr,19min / 19 songs

This album is a master piece from kabecao the professional handpan player and teacher


Artist/Provider: Jacob Cole

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,50min / 24 songs

a huge album by Jacob Cole one of the greatest handpan player ever, this album is release during quarantine in 2020.


Artist/Provider: David Charrier

Duration/Tracks: 39min / 10 songs

 David charrier doesn’t need to be introduced to handpan community, listen to his latest album which released 2016


Artist/Provider: Mayiia

Duration/Tracks: 24min / 5 songs

listen to this lovely EP by mayiia which has been release 2020, it is a material for people who need to concentrate.

8.Real life

Artist/Provider: Dan Mulqueen

Duration/Tracks: 41min / 10 songs

rhythm is everything and you can feel this phrase by listening to stunning album from Dan Mulqueen.

9.Life Equinox

Artist/Provider: Jeremy Nattagh

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,39min / 21songs

wide range of taste could be covered by this album. This is where you can listen to different types of rhythm and melodies

10.Earth Child: Chill Path

Artist/Provider: Tom Vaylo

Duration/Tracks: 37min / 7 songs

Both Speechless and normal music are combined to provide a magical space for this album by the creative Tom vaylo


Top websites to learn Handpan

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Top websites to learn Handpan

Kitapantam always tends to help passionate learners and instrumentalists to expand their abilities. In this article our aim is to help beginners, intermediate Learners and also advanced Handpan players to find good online tutorial websites. Below, we’ve introduced four online platforms with many useful paid and free courses plus some surprises for Handpan players.

1.Master The Handpan

  • Level based courses (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Paid courses (free trial period)
  • Have a skill assessment quiz

Master The Handpan Platform is one of the best websites that every handpan enthusiasm can look for. This platform provides a wide range of courses based on your needs. All of the courses are categorized which makes it easy for users to find what fits their requirements. Master the Handpan courses are self-paced, it means you can progress at your own pace and users have a lifetime access to them and can watch courses whenever they want. We are honored to announce that you can get 30$ off by using “KITAPANTAM” discount code using this link and start learning how to master a handpan.

2. Superprof

  • Level based courses (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Paid courses 
  • Personal Tutor

Superprof is a global platform for learning different skills, and music is not an exception. On this platform you can easily search, filter and find your personal tutor. There are many online and remote tutors who can help you to improve yourself. The courses are paid but some tutors have some free session and the cost of the session might vary from teacher to teacher. On this platform every tutor has his/her own profile so before getting started you can totally get familiar with them. If you are searching for an amazing online learning platform, Superprof is one of a kind.

3. opsilon

  • Level based courses (Beginner/Advanced)
  • Paid workshops

Opsilon is all about Kate Stone & Rafael Sotomayor. These two passionate handpan tutors have two level workshops that can help you to get into the handpan players world and expand your knowledge. The workshops are all online and are held on Zoom. Big advantage is the courses are in 3 different languages (German-English- French). the workshop prices might be varied according to your attendance model and the level that you apply for. If you are a big fan of workshops, Opsilon is our recommendation for you.

4. Youtube

  • Suitable for all levels
  • Completely free
  • Self-paced/ self-study

YouTube is another resource that you can always learn from. There are tons of thousands of free tutorials and videos on this platform that you can uses. If you are not a fan of paid courses or even if you want to learn from different resources, you can go through YouTube channels and find the proper content for yourself. It is noticeable that there are many videos there that can’t give you what you want or need. So put a time on searching for channels that suit you well.

If you want to watch some amazing videos from our instrument you can check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL too. We have provided many useful videos and visual content there for you.

Final speech

We hope that this article can help you with finding an ideal learning path to follow your passion in exciting Handpan learning journey. If you have any question, feel free to contact us via [email protected].

Stay tuned


24 terms that every handpan player should know


25 terms that every handpan player should know

25 terms that every handpan player should know

  1. Apex: The dome of the center-note when it is outward
  2. Dimple: The purposely dented part of the steel in the center of a note. Can be dented inward or outward.
  3. Ding: the central note on the top of the instrument.
  4. Dome: another name for dimple, The purposely dented part of the steel in the center of a note. Can be dented inward or outward.
  5. Dynamics: from the quietest to the loudest volume, exactly the full range
  6. sound sculpture: another name for pantam/handpan
  7. Gu: The opening circle or port in the bottom of the handpan, it helps the air to escape from the bottom of the instrument and also helps makers to tune the instrument easier
  8. Handpan: Generic word for a hand-played pitched instrument which is created from steel or similar metal, with notes
  9. Hang: The trademarked name for the original handpan
  10. Harmonics: Overtones that come with the fundamental pitch of a single note. The Eighth and compound fifth harmonics are forced in a note by a steel tuner
  11. Inpex: The dome of the center-note when it is inward
  12. Interstitial: any surface of the handpan that isn’t tuned, these spaces are usually found between ding, Gu or Tonefields
  13. Major: one of the main scale categories, this scale type is upbeat and happier.
  14. Minor: one of the main scale categories, this scale type is mysterious and melancholy
  15. Nitriding: Case hardening process used to harden steel by diffusing molecular nitrogen into the steel matrix, creating iron nitrides.
  16. Note: The general term used in music for the musical sounds, on a Handpan notes are the tuned parts of the instrument.
  17. Pantam: another generic name used for handpan, it comes from the combination of Ghatam and Steelpan.
  18. Pattern: a sequence of notes that come after each to create a harmony.
  19. Rim: the non-resonant metal edges that match the top and bottom shells of the handpan which usually cover with rubber or rope.
  20. Shell: shells are what handpans made from, metal semi-spheres that glue together at their rims
  21. Shoulder: The area between the ding and the tone fields on the tone circle, shoulder note is right on the border line around the ding
  22. Sound Model: a set of notes that arranged for a Handpan, also known as Scale.
  23. Sustain: The length of time a note resonates after being played
  24. Tone Fields: All the oval or the round shape fields with a specific note sound

Please contact us if you need further information or have more questions.


Tips to motivate yourself to practice your Handpan

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Tips to motivate yourself to practice your Handpan

Tips to motivate yourself to practice your Handpan

Learning a new musical instrument is always challenging, it takes time so you should be patient, plus you have to stay motivated to have a continuous improvement so you can enjoy your playing. Well, Handpan is not an exception, here are some tips to help you stay motivated while learning and practice handpan instrument:

  1. Set a goal: as an amateur learner, there are many achievements that you like to attain, so set goals and try to achieve them one by one. For example, “I want to play this music by the end of the month, do a concert, or record an album by the next summer. It is easier to have a routine when you want to achieve something BIG.
practice handpan
handpan maker

2.Draw a periodic schedule: there is no shortcut to all the good things. Try to schedule your day time and follow that, if you analyze your times, you’ll be amazed at how many spare minutes you can find in a day that you can use.

3.Make mental and physical space: learning and playing handpan must be away from distractions. A dedicated quiet place is where you need to practice. Furthermore, you need a focused mind too. Try to get away from your laptop, smartphone, and other non-related stuff and create a comfortable learning space both mentally and physically.

practice handpan
practice handpan

4.Find a partner: set up training sessions with Handpan player friends. Try to practice together, this can reignite your passion and enthusiasm when you are down, or running low.

5.Watch professional players: watching professional players are always motivating knowing that they had been just like you a while ago. Their skills can show how far you can go and how you can do with your hands and mind.

6.Remember your dreams: Always remember the reason you start. To become a professional player? to play in a band? Just for fun and as a hobby? Whatever you start playing handpan for is valuable, try to always remember your dreams and fight for them, because if you can dream it you can achieve it. 

THESE ARE SOME SMALL TIPS THAT CAN HELP YOU WHILE YOU ARE IN YOUR LEARNING PROCESS, HOPE YOU CAN USE THEM IN AN EFFECTIVE WAY. We would be honored to have your experiences while learning your Handpan, please share them with us. Also, if you just want to start, the first thing you need is an instrument you deserve, so when know you want a high-quality Handpan with a fair price, please visit our available instruments page or send us an inquiry on the Order page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, you may contact us via the contact form below or send an email to [email protected].Stay tuned😊


How to protect your handpan?

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How to protect your handpan?

Why my handpan has become oxide? Does the sun affect my handpan? Is my handpan suitable for playing under the rain? My city has hot and humid weather, can I have a handpan here? Etc. These are questions that may address your concerns after buying a handpan, in this article, we are going to answer these questions generally and give you some pieces of advice to better “protect your Handpan”.

Heat and Sun

First and foremost is the heat, although heat is vital during the different Pantams’ making processes for the metal stabilization and stress relief purposes, it can be harmful for the ready to use instrument. As everybody may know, metal absorbs heat interestingly fast, and handpans are made from metal, so they can be affected by heat and if you play your instrument out under the sun, you will notice that the handpan becomes warm and warmer and its sound starts to become unusual and weird. Therefore, it’s highly suggested not to play your Pantam in the hot and sunny weather since it can harm your instrument irreversibly. In fact “de-tuning” is one of the most common damages that can happen to your Handpan because of long-term exposure to the sun. Remember that if you leave your handpan out in the sun for a long time, wait until it becomes cool, and then play it again.

how to make a handpan

Kita Glues

It is good to know that Kita uses glues which are resistant to sun and heat (UV Resistant), so other than what is mentioned regarding the heat effect on the metal surface, there will be no problem with detaching of the bottom and top part of your Kita Pantam.



Then it’s cold. Generally, there is no source for the cold and the absence of heat is called cold. As it’s mentioned earlier, metals absorb heat easily and can convey this to whole surface. Although the cold negative effect is not as aggressive as the heat, but it still can cause the handpan making abnormal sound during the playing.


Humidity is another threatening factor for the health of your Handpan. Humidity can accelerate the rusting of steel, which your handpan is made of. Humidity is much more aggressive in higher temperatures and can help the corrosion phenomenon to faster eat up your instrument. In other words, when the rusting starts on the surface of your handpan, it is the time that the metal is going away and you will first notice some orange color dots on the surface and if they develop you will see wholes. Kita Pantam suggests that you clean your handpan every time you play it with the microfiber cloth and also keep the surface oily all the time.

In conclusion, try not to leave your Handpan or play it in hot sunny days or when it is rainy. Also if you need more detail about how to clean your handpan you can read our “How to take care of your handpan post,

After all if you have any concern regarding your Pantam care, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Take care of your handpan and stay tuned for further post 😊