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This newly developed Hard-Case with exclusive design is like a cradle for your baby.

The hard body, anti-scratch cover and the super soft inner layer not only brings the maximum protection for your Pantam also deliver a high quality and durable product which can survive for many years in harsh airplanes cargo conditions and long and far walks and travels to beautiful places to enjoy more of your playing.

The ergonomic design and optimized back handles, allow you to carry your Handpan for a long time comfortably.

No matter if you own or have plan to buy a Kita, get one of these unique Hard-Cases to protect any amazing sounding Handpan you have safely and beautifully.

Price : 250$



This useful handpan accessories  comes with all of our Pantams. The Kit includes a 60ml bottle of Pantam Protective Oil plus a Microfiber Cloth which come in handy for daily cleaning and oil applying of your Handpan. The items are beautifully placed inside a handmade wooden box as a small courtesy to you taste.

handpan care


Exclusively designed Kita Soft-Case is made of a special type of foam which is soft but protective at the same time. The fair protection and light weight of this case makes is absolutely suitable for your casual daily and local trips to enjoy playing. The outer layer is also made with a water proof and durable fabric.

Price : 75$

handpan accessories
handpan accessories
handpan accessories
handpan maker

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