Accessories to have beside your Handpan

No matter which instrument you play, it’s really important to have a few necessary accessories to help you protect and enhance your playing experience. Handpan isn’t an exception. In this article we are going to take a look at accessories that you should have beside your handpan.

Light Grey Hardcase

• Hardcase/ Softcase

It is really important to have a secure case for your beloved instrument. Cases are used to protect your handpan and help you to carry them around easily. To take your Pantam to your learning class, to a friend’s or maybe for an outdoor playing around where you live, a Soft-Case is appropriate. While if you are traveling long ways or abroad then for better protection you definitely need to use a well protective Hard-case.

Kita hardcase

Kita Hard-Case, according to conformation of some famous players and handpan dealers, is one the best hard-cases available in the market.The hard body, anti-scratch cover and the super soft inner layer not only brings the maximum protection for your Pantam also deliver a high quality and durable product which can survive for many years. These hardcases are provided in different colors which are: Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Brown and Green.For more information you can visit accessories page.


Exclusively designed Kita Soft-Case is made of a special type of foam which is soft but protective at the same time. This type of cases is included with kita-package for people who buy our available instruments (for more info please visits our available instruments page). Also if you have any custom order, you can make an inquiry via our order page.It is noticeable that Softcases are provided in different colors too, these colors are: red, dark green and black.For more information you can visit accessories page.

• Bottle of Protective Oil and Cloth

If you are playing a Nitraded Pantam, you should be aware that the surface is susceptible to rusting which is something you definitely don’t want to happen for your lovely Handpan. So in order to protect it, make sure you always have a bottle of protective oil and a cloth with you to clean and keep the surface oily.

Kita Care-kit Box

This useful handpan accessories comes with all of our Pantams. The package includeds a 60ml bottle of Pantam Protective Oil plus a Microfiber Cloth. If you want to know more about the importance of cleaning and how to protect your Handpan, please read through the below articles:

    1. How To Take Care of Your KitaPantam
    2. How To Protect Your Handpan
hand drum care kit for sale

If you just want to start, the first thing you need is an instrument you deserve, so when you know you want a high-quality Handpan with a fair price, please do not hesitate to contact us.Also, if you have any questions or need more information about our instruments, how to order and how to protect them, please get in touch with us.You may send us an email to [email protected] for all your inquiries.

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