Handpan and Therapy

Handpan and Therapy

Sound therapy

During the 21st century, alternative therapies become more and more famous and prominent and sound therapy (also known as sound healing) is not an exception. During the past decades, people became aware of healing ability of music and used it a lot. But sound and vibration can also have an impact on mental health and be used as a healing assistant. Sound therapy is kind of therapy that comes from science of vibration, resonance and frequency. Each sound/note possesses a special vibration and frequency that we can feel.

Healing with Handpan

Handpan is one of the best candidates when it comes to sound therapy, because handpans have great resonance and through their convex, their sounds emanate in all directions, filling the whole room with vibration and resonance at once. Handpan is one of the few instruments that is tuned with 1:2:3 frequency ratio, it means there are 3 frequencies in each note anytime it is played. The frequency ratio is important in sound healing.

Sense and perception: researchers have found out that the human brain likes to simplify frequency ratios when it hears it. In fact the frequency of a Handpan is as simple as it can be, therefor it has a great healing impact on humans’ brain. The signal frequency that our ears get and send it to our brain convey the feeling of relaxation and safety.

The vibration of Handpans is also useful for healing. Basically entrainment in music happens when an object vibrates at a specific frequency, for example when a Handpan vibrates near the human body, after a short time, the object with lower vibration (human body) starts to vibrating as same as powerful vibrator (handpan). So this phenomenon gives the Handpan the ability to release us energetically and physically from stress and tension we are storing in the body.

handpan in your hands
handpan in your hands

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