Handpan/pantam scales

handpan scales

In general, we can divide the handpan scale into three different types, these are 1- Major 2-Minor 3-Flavourful in this article we are going to review these three types of handpan scales.

1-handpan scales : Major

We can define the major scale as a cheerful and happy scale, major scale handpans are relaxing and attract the player to play them often. Major scale handpans have a vast use in meditation and music therapy. These types of instruments are suitable for people who want to relax and feel joy while they are playing handpan.

2-handpan scales : Minor

Sad, classic, and sophisticated are words that you can describe minor scales with. A minor scale handpan is usually used to convey a deep feeling of mystery. If you want to feel emotion minor scale is what are you looking for but if you want to feel the joy you have to revise your decision.

3-handpan scales : flavorful

The flavorful handpan scale a combination of the minor and major scales but they are categorized individually because you can feel the role of culture in them such as middle eastern, Chinese, or Indian culture. Exotic and magical are words that suit well on a flavorful scale handpan.


Choosing which scale to buy or play is completely subjective and it depends on your mood and your personality. If you want more information about scales and another thing about handpan/pantam don’t hesitate to contact Us, you can also submit your order now by the kitapantam order page.

In the future, we are going to describe and discuss other pieces of information about handpan scales. Stay tuned 😊


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