What is the difference between Nitraded and Stainless Steel Handpans/Pantams

Nitraded handpan vs Stainless handpan

stainless steel handpan

Nitraded handpan and stainless comparison

The other advantage stainless steel offers over the nitrated is being non corrosive. So basically they do not need to be covered by protective oils all the time, while nitrated instruments should always be protected by oil in order to avoid being rusted.

For better comparisons and hearing the sound and quality of kitapantam instruments made by both type of these materials, please check our YouTube channel, where many videos of different materials with different scales Pantams are uploaded.

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 Nitraded handpan vs Stainless handpan.Handpans, Pantams and hangdrums are normally made of three type of materials, raw steel, nitraded steel and stainless steel. Raw steel is among them less common because it does not offer enough stability and becomes detuned more easily.

Nitrated handpan series have more clear tones and mid-range sustain, in contrast stainless steel instruments have long-range sustain and each note when it is touched can be heard in its original, fifth and octave notes. Due to this type of characteristics, stainless steel handpans are more appropriate for slow playing melodies and are perfect for meditative and sound healing applications, while nitraded steel ones are better for fast and more professional playing.

nitraded steel handpan


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