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Nitraded Steel is a heat treated steel sheet on which Nitrogen has been introduced. The role of Nitrogen is to increase the stiffness of the material to make it harder and more stable toward the play touches, so the tuned handpan made out of it will last longer till it needs re-tuning. This type of material is used initially for making Hangs by panArt and then continued to be used by the Handpan, Pantam and sound-sculpture makers.

Nitraded Steel Handpans

Although nowadays Handpans are made of both Nitraded Steel and Stainless Steel (read more about stainless here), Nitraded seems to still have the bigger demand in the market. This type of material brings a mid-range of sustain, more ceramic and clay sounding and high frequency in notes which makes it good for outdoor playing. In addition notes have more clear and separated sound which makes the  Nitraded Steel Pantams better for faster and more professional playing.

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As you know, steel is always susceptible to rusting and corrosion, so are the Nitraded steel Handpans. To protect them from rusting, they should be always covered by appropriate oil/wax. The complete know how to protect you Pantam is explained here. Don’t forget that the biggest enemy of your lovely musical instrument is always a physical damage, so always be careful of that with them. Carrying your handpan inside a protective Hard-Case or Soft-Case for different occasions is always recommended. To learn more about Kita Accessories visit here.

Design and Colors

KitaPantam is always trying to be creative and develop
unique Pantam designs. To see more of the possible designs please see our Gallery
page and also find the most unique Handpans here at our Custome Designed
instruments page. 

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