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stainless steel handpan

stainless steel handpan are very popular among different types of handpan .To make it easily understandable for everyone, we want to put it this way. You may be familiar with the Iron rust which is the product of reacting Iron with Oxygen, it is like the orange powder or hard deposit you can see on anything made of steel. This will cause the Iron material to be lost and degraded. Stainless Steel is a type of Steel (Iron alloy) which has resistance to rusting, scientifically said Corrosion. So Stainless Steel won’t be rusted and will be stable in contact with oxygen and other corrosive environments. 

stainless steel handpan

stainless steel handpan vs Nitraded Steel Handpan

Steel has been used for making Handpans, Pantams, Sound Sculptures and Hang Drum for 20 years now (read more about it here) but stainless steel handpan is quite like new comers in the market. So to better understand the characteristics of an instrument made of Stainless Steel, the best way is to compare it with Nitraded Steel Handpans.

Note that lots of characteristics of a Handpan depends on many factors and techniques which are being utilized by different makers, but in general Stainless Steel Handpan has Longer Sustain, Wider and brighterTimber/Tone, Bigger Sound Range or Amplitude, more Dynamic Range and Less Ceramic sound comparing to  Nitraded Steel Handpan. These properties make the stainless steel handpan more proper for slow playing which is used for meditative and sound healing applications.

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stainless steel handpan


The big advantage of Stainless Steel over Nitraded, as mentioned earlier is the corrosion resistance of it. You may know that Nitraded Steel Sound-Sculptures should always be covered by proper oil/wax to be protected against rusting, but Stainless Steel does not need much of that. You should just try to wipe it with a dry cloth when you finish playing, to remove any moisture and salts from the surface and of course you should be very much careful of any physical damage to your any type of Pantam.

Design and Colors of stainless steel handpan

KitaPantam is always trying to be creative and develope unique Pantam designs, however the variations are more applicable on the Nitraded Steel material. Stainless Steel is currently can be made in two colors of Bronze and Silver (Fully mirror polished).

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