Kita pantam

Terms and Conditions



We have a system to serve you the best, but the system doesn’t own us, so no matter what, please contact us in any case and we will talk! 




Our pricing varies depending on the scale, number of the notes and material, to get the exact price please contact us.


Currently, our prefered payment method is crypto currency and mainly USDT, but we still can accept PayPal in some cases. Normally after your order confirmation, we will ask for a 30% advanced payment and the balance shall be paid when your Kita is ready to ship.


Ordering procedure

We are capable of making 200-300 Pantams monthly. At the moment we are accepting orders all the time and the average preparation time is 45 days. It really depends on the scale, material and number of the note of the ordered instrument. Routine scales like Kurd and Celtic can be ready faster and some custom scales, mutants and second octave scales can take longer up to 3 month to be ready.

shipping methods

We normally use Airlines Cargo Services to ship our instruments worldwide. This is a fast, safe and economic . The Total shipping time will not be more than a week to any country and all the shipments include proper insurance.


shipping rates

Shipping costs vary and depend on the delivery method, door to door deliveries are more expensive as you will get the instrument all the custom duties and local VAT paid. Airport deliveries are cheaper in total as you should go in person and pick up the Pantam. It can be discussed in different cases to find the best shipping and delivery method for different regions.


Packaging Details

All of the instrument will be packed securely to avoid any physical damage during the shipping. They will be put inside a high quality hard case and then in a protective wooden box special for the airfreight export.

return and Cancellation

As each instrument is handcrafted based on the ordered requirements, it is going to be complicated to accept returns for a delivered instrument. But in case, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. In general we can discuss a return in 5 days after the delivery and in case we receive back the instrument in new condition. Our original shipping cost, transfer fees, and currency exchange fees are non-refundable plus we charge 15% fee for the risk of re-selling the instrument which is custom made. Moreover, Return shipment cost is the responsibility of the customer.


Warranty terms

The health of the KitaPantam highly depends on the way it is taken care of. Our instruments has shown to be very stable and if not damaged by dropping or inappropriate playing, they will last for many years. Needing minor adjustments to the tuning is normal every one to two years for professional musicians while hobby players will have more time to reach to that point. Damaged instruments can be repaired with a cost which can be discussed case by case. Do not forget to apply Pantam Protective Oil (or any similar product) on your instrument regularly to keep it from being corroded and rusting.

We accept all the responsibilities if you receive something other than what you have ordered in terms of the instruments scale and the number of the notes. Also due to the proper packaging it is very unlikely that instruments get damaged during the shipment, but in case please contact us.