Vulcan Instrument, A new comer to our family

As you may know, Kita Pantam is one of the biggest handpan producers around the world with currently making more than 130 instruments monthly. Our focus is on making high quality pantams with fair prices for everyone, however in this article, we want to introduce a new product that is recently added to our portfolio, “VULCAN Over Tone TOUGUE DRUM”. It is made in our sister company, “VULCAN INSTRUMENT” by one of the best Kita tuners.

Tongue Drum
Tongue Drum

If you’re still unfamiliar with tongue drums and its differences with handpans, we suggest that you read Handpan Vs Tongue Drum, which goes through a brief comparison between these 2 instruments.

Vulcan Tongue Drums come in different ranges for different tastes, from scale to color. It is noticeable that Vulcan steel tongue drums are completely tested by our quality supervisor and are guaranteed to provide high quality experience for its players. Like handpans, tongue drums also come in different scales such as HIJAZ, HARMONIC MINOR, INTEGRAL, SALADIN and etc. besides, they come in a wide range of designs and colors that are presented below.

Vulcan tongue drums are commonly designed with 9 notes made on 18 inches heat treated carbon steel material. Our brand-new tongue drums come in series with a specific name and characteristics. Below are some of our most famous series.

Silver Series

Numa Series


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