Top websites to learn Handpan

Kitapantam always tends to help passionate learners and instrumentalists to expand their abilities. In this article our aim is to help beginners, intermediate Learners and also advanced Handpan players to find good online tutorial websites. Below, we’ve introduced four online platforms with many useful paid and free courses plus some surprises for Handpan players.

1.Master The Handpan

  • Level based courses (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Paid courses (free trial period)
  • Have a skill assessment quiz

Master The Handpan Platform is one of the best websites that every handpan enthusiasm can look for. This platform provides a wide range of courses based on your needs. All of the courses are categorized which makes it easy for users to find what fits their requirements. Master the Handpan courses are self-paced, it means you can progress at your own pace and users have a lifetime access to them and can watch courses whenever they want. We are honored to announce that you can get 30$ off by using “KITAPANTAM” discount code using this link and start learning how to master a handpan.

2. Superprof

  • Level based courses (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Paid courses 
  • Personal Tutor

Superprof is a global platform for learning different skills, and music is not an exception. On this platform you can easily search, filter and find your personal tutor. There are many online and remote tutors who can help you to improve yourself. The courses are paid but some tutors have some free session and the cost of the session might vary from teacher to teacher. On this platform every tutor has his/her own profile so before getting started you can totally get familiar with them. If you are searching for an amazing online learning platform, Superprof is one of a kind.

3. opsilon

  • Level based courses (Beginner/Advanced)
  • Paid workshops

Opsilon is all about Kate Stone & Rafael Sotomayor. These two passionate handpan tutors have two level workshops that can help you to get into the handpan players world and expand your knowledge. The workshops are all online and are held on Zoom. Big advantage is the courses are in 3 different languages (German-English- French). the workshop prices might be varied according to your attendance model and the level that you apply for. If you are a big fan of workshops, Opsilon is our recommendation for you.

4. Youtube

  • Suitable for all levels
  • Completely free
  • Self-paced/ self-study

YouTube is another resource that you can always learn from. There are tons of thousands of free tutorials and videos on this platform that you can uses. If you are not a fan of paid courses or even if you want to learn from different resources, you can go through YouTube channels and find the proper content for yourself. It is noticeable that there are many videos there that can’t give you what you want or need. So put a time on searching for channels that suit you well.

If you want to watch some amazing videos from our instrument you can check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL too. We have provided many useful videos and visual content there for you.

Final speech

We hope that this article can help you with finding an ideal learning path to follow your passion in exciting Handpan learning journey. If you have any question, feel free to contact us via [email protected].

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