Kita pantam

Customized Instruments

Customized Instruments

KitaPantam is one of the few makers in the world who are capable of making almost all of the scales in addition to the Mutant series instruments and Custom scales. We have made a  F2 Pantam on the 21″ shell which is rare. Also B2 and A2 scales we make a few of which every month in addition to different based mutants and also classic series instruments. We not only make unique sounding instruments, but also we make instruments which are unique in design too. Don’t lose the chance to take a look at this page and get familiar with some of our art pieces.

Mutant Series

Mutant Handpans are those which have extra notes on the space between the ding and the tone circle notes. These instruments give the players more versatility and flexibility to play different melodies. Not to mention that the process of making these babies are more time consuming and risky than regular instruments, besides, not all tuners can get good sound of them.

F Low Pygmy 17 Mutant Stainless Steel

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scale : F Low Pygmy 17 (Mutant)
  • Layout: (C Eb) F / G Ab C Eb F G Ab C Eb F (G Ab Eb)
  • Surface Color: Bronze

E Amara (Celtic) 12 Mutant Nitraded

  • Material: Nitraded Steel
  • Scale : E Amara (Celtic) 12
  • Layout: E / B D E F# G A B D E F# G
  • Surface Color: Black (Post Oxidation)

Classic series

 They look like the original hangs made by panArt almost two decades before. They offer a simple attractive look in addition to a beautifully sounds.

E Onoleo Stainless Steel

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scale :E Onoleo
  • Layout: E / B C E G# A B C E 
  • Surface Color: Bronze

Custom Design

Kita has always been trying to make the handpans with eye-catching and unique surface colors. Some of them are easy to make and just need experience but some can take several days to be ready, just to reflect a outstanding surface shade.

E Kurd Custom Design Nitraded

  • Material: Nitraded Steel
  • Scale :E Kurd
  • Layout: E / B C D E F# G A B
  • Surface Color:  Custom Design Series -Black with Polished Blocks

Custom Scale

We consider the mutants and deep scales (second octave) in this category, but to define them more clearly, the custom scales can have any series of notes a player wants, better word, there can be a combination of two or multiple standard scales on one Pantam.


  • Material: Nitraded Steel
  • Scale :E Minor
  • Layout: E (F#) G (A) / B C D E F# G A B (C) D (E F# G A B C D E)
  • Surface Color: Black Oxide
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