How to take care of your KitaPantam

handpan care

 this article is about handpan care. Pantams, handpans and hangdrums are generally made of heat treated steel. Bare surface of steel is susceptible to corrosion and rusting and it happens when metal surface is in contact with oxygen and humidity. So people try to avoid that using many different methods in order to protect their metallic assets.

in handpan care methods having oil on its surface all the time is recommended. Oil creates a barrier between the metal surface and the environment and this way protects it from corrosion. Depending on how many times during the week you play your Pantam, and also the climate in the area you live in, you need to apply oil on the instrument from 7-2 times a week. If you are playing it every day and the climate in your area is humid, then you need to put oil on it every day. In fact the key point is keeping the surface always oily, so whenever it is getting dry, it is the time to apply oil on it.

handpan care

how to do handpan care

But how you do that? Normally you drop couple of oil drops on the surface and then using a microfiber cloth, spread the oil uniformly to all the top and bottom surface areas. Note that, do not put oil on the inner surface, our experience says the oil inside will gradually penetrate the glue and weakens it causing the sound losing the sustain and becoming dull.

For the places near the sea or other areas with high humidity climates, it is recommended to buy stainless steel Handpan instead of the regular Nitraded ones. SS instruments do not need oil and have very high resistance against corrosion.

Have fun playing your KitaPantam, please contact us if you have any question or need help regarding the right and efficient ways to protect your handpan.


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