Top 10 handpan playlist/Album for handpan enthusiasms on Music stream Platforms

Top 10 handpan playlist/Album for handpan enthusiasms on Music stream Platforms

practice handpan

1.Handpan Chillout

Artist/Provider: Luccas Martins

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,19min / 20 songs

 handpan hangdrum sleep music chill out tunes calm songs

2.Positive Energy

Artist/Provider: Alex Dav

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,35min /7 songs

handpan based music with energetic rhythm by verified Spotify artist Alex Dav

3.Luminous Emptiness

Artist/Provider: Hang Massive

Duration/Tracks: 56min / 7 songs

An album with 7 tracks for handpan enthusiasm, by hand massive team

4.Touching Soul

Artist/Provider: Kabecao

Duration/Tracks: 2hr,19min / 19 songs

This album is a master piece from kabecao the professional handpan player and teacher


Artist/Provider: Jacob Cole

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,50min / 24 songs

a huge album by Jacob Cole one of the greatest handpan player ever, this album is release during quarantine in 2020.


Artist/Provider: David Charrier

Duration/Tracks: 39min / 10 songs

 David charrier doesn’t need to be introduced to handpan community, listen to his latest album which released 2016


Artist/Provider: Mayiia

Duration/Tracks: 24min / 5 songs

listen to this lovely EP by mayiia which has been release 2020, it is a material for people who need to concentrate.

8.Real life

Artist/Provider: Dan Mulqueen

Duration/Tracks: 41min / 10 songs

rhythm is everything and you can feel this phrase by listening to stunning album from Dan Mulqueen.

9.Life Equinox

Artist/Provider: Jeremy Nattagh

Duration/Tracks: 1hr,39min / 21songs

wide range of taste could be covered by this album. This is where you can listen to different types of rhythm and melodies

10.Earth Child: Chill Path

Artist/Provider: Tom Vaylo

Duration/Tracks: 37min / 7 songs

Both Speechless and normal music are combined to provide a magical space for this album by the creative Tom vaylo


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