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Nitraded handpan
Nitraded Steel handpan

Nitraded Steel

Although nowadays Handpans/hang drums are made of both Nitraded Steel and Stainless Steel, Nitraded seems to still have the bigger demand among the enthusiasts. This type of material brings a mid-range of sustain, more ceramic and clay sounding and high frequency in notes which makes it good for outdoor playing. In addition notes have more clear and separated sound which makes the Nitraded Steel Pantams better for faster and more professional playing.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Handpans/Hang drums are quite like new comers in the market. in general Stainless Steel Handpan/Hang drum have Longer Sustain, Wider and brighterTimber/Tone, Bigger Sound Range or Amplitude, more Dynamic Range and Less Ceramic sound comparing to Nitraded Steel Handpans. These properties make the Stainless Steel Pantams more proper for slow playing which is used for meditative and sound healing applications. The big advantage of Stainless Steel over Nitraded is it's corrosion resistance.
stainless handpan
Stainless Steel pantam

Kita Pantam

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Kita Pantam

KitaPantam (used to be KitaDrums), is a high quality handpan/hang drum maker, was founded in late 2015 by Nima Taghavi, and began its work with the production of 12-inch steel tongue drums and research into the production of Pantams. After a while, with the change of the workflow, Steel tongue drums were replaced by stainless steel instruments and soon after, Tongue Pan (Overtone tongue drum) also added to the portfolio. At the end of 2017, KitaPantam succeeded in building Steel handpan/hang drum and is still expanding and improving its products since then. 

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